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With AdviceWorks™ new platform, you are able to:

  • View and adjust the financial plan prepared by your advisor
  • Change or add personal and financial goals
  • Link any outside investment account, credit card, mortgages, etc. for a full picture of your finances (transactions are not view-able)
  • Securely upload sensitive documents such as wills, trusts, death certificates, etc. into your own private folder (advisor and staff do not have access to this)
  • View your Probability of Success meter 
  • Click-through "what-if?" scenarios for credit card, loan debt
  • Feel at ease knowing AdviceWorks™ regularly scans for cyber threats, encrypts all data, and requires multi-factor authentication from any user
  • View all financial accounts, no matter the location, in one place (no more logging onto multiple sites to view accounts)

Learn more about AdviceWorks™, an innovative platform built for you to access a bigger financial snapshot of your future.  This program consolidates information from well-known client service programs like SmartWorks, NetX360°, NetXInvestor, and Albridge Wealth Reporting. 


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