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 Elder Care Services

As a part of RGS Wealth Strategies, Inc., our Elder Care Services program offers a thoughtfully designed comprehensive package of services for seniors, which combines traditional insurance knowledge, with the preservation of asset strategies in the face of certain probable long-term care costs.

Whether you are looking to create a financial strategy or are dealing with a loved one facing a health care crisis, with the potential of "spending down" your assets to qualify for Medicaid to provide the care you need, we can help.

Planning stage

We realize that financial security and independence is not predicated solely on what rate of return you get on your investment portfolio. Real comprehensive planning incorporates an overall understanding of not only your financial position and lifestyle choices, but the consideration of the many real issues we are faced with as we age. Some of these issues include but are not limited to: 

  • The potential to outlive one's assets
  • The dramatic cost of long-term health care
  • The desire to maintain one's independence
  • Implementation of proper estate planning techniques
  • Senior lifestyle choices and their financial consequences

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Facing a Health Care Crisis

Too many people are under prepared to handle the financial burden of a long-term care crisis. If a health care crisis occurs, and you or a loved one is faced with long-term care needs, we can provide you with the economic options. Through our preservation of asset strategies, we have been routinely successful in preserving 35% to 40% of our clients' resources in crisis—and, in certain cases, most of their assets—when it becomes apparent that they or a loved one needs the services of a skilled nursing or assisted living community. With our strategic alliances with health care and legal professionals, we can provide the necessary assistance to guide you.